Regrettably, because of the high cost of insurance, we can no longer offer self-drive rentals. However, we can make our Speedster available for commerical photoshoots, video/film or at your wedding, engagement celebration or for any other purpose.

Please call 617.291.5405 or email us at to discuss the possibilities.


We appreciate your interest in Classic Cars and Byways and we certainly appreciate the many customers who have enjoyed driving and photographing our cars.  It's been a pleasure to have been a small part of many joyous celebrations.

Unfortunately, we are unaware of any other business that offers classic sports car rentals in the Boston area.

Thanks so much!

Don Buchholtz



















Take a Spin!

See what its like to be behind the wheel our beautiful 1957 Speedster along the leafy backroads west of Boston. It's a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon!




Wow! We made the cover!

Classic Cars and Byways featured on the cover of Newton Magazine, Sept. 2008

Classic Cars and Byways is the cover feature in Newton magazine.

It's a fun story with more stunning pictures of the Speedster. Read the full story...


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Have FUN out there!


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